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Because this love is so beautiful, don′t be afraid
The Present 
20th-May-2020 03:13 pm - Welcome Post!
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Hello there!

This journal belongs to a hardcore YunJaeshipper and a DBSK5 Supporter!
This is my personal journal so please don't request to be added to my writing journal here. .
If you want to add,  please leave a comment introducing yourself.

My YunJae fics can be found HERE!, so please make those requests there.
24th-Nov-2011 06:10 pm - Flist Clean Up
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I've removed/removing a few people. Nothing personal. It's just that we have either never ever spoken with each other or haven't spoken in a while. If you feel like I've made a mistake in removing you, let me know why and I'll gladly add you back.

And please don't use this entry to tell me to add you to my writing lj. This is my personal lj, not my writing lj. Please respect that.
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You guys ready to celebrate YunJae’s wedding anniversary by putting them on the trending list? 
On June 10th, at 6pm KST (Korean Standard times) we will be trending #YUNJAEBE4ANNI
It stands for YunJae’s 4th Big East Wedding Anniversary.
Help us spread the news out about this twitter project as much as you.  You're more than welcome to
put this into your own sites or your own country's YunJae/DBSK5 sites.

Let’s try our best to get them at #1!!

HERE is a time convertor for your own country.
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Do you all remember the famous Big East audio clip on June 10th 2007. No? Well the beginning part of THIS CLIP should jog your memory.
In celebration of that very special moment in the YunJae fandom, we the mods at jaeho_complex present to you, our lovely members, a YunJae/JaeHo fanfiction competition.

YunJae's Fourth Big East Wedding Anniversary Fanfiction Contest
Sponsored by your mods at jaeho_complex

Click here for more information! )
16th-Apr-2011 11:07 am - [ART] I Want You To Kiss Me Here
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Title: I Want You To Kiss Me Here
Artist: P.B (Or as Tagged)
Genre: Fluff, Romance
Rating: PG

“My girlfriend was drunk and called me, asking me to come pick her up. When I arrived, she ordered me to kiss her right then and there.” He continued, “I hesitated for about two seconds until she said, ‘See? This is who you are. There’s this inevitable wall between us.’ I felt sorry, so I pulled the hoodie I was wearing to cover my face and kissed her.” -Jung YunHo on Taxi

This is so damn cute.
I Want You To Kiss Me HereCollapse )
23rd-Mar-2011 02:55 pm - [ART] Chibi YunHo vs The Rain
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LMAO! This is soooo cute.
Loving Chibi YunHo protecting hubby's hair from the rain.
Chibi Ho Vs. The RainCollapse )
10th-Jan-2011 05:28 pm - [FANVIDEO] How YunJae Drive Us Crazy!
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Made this for my birthday girl, [info]yuki_3
Happy Birthday Babe!

I hope it doesn't suck to much.
Direct Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBp7wD6lJaU

1st-Jan-2011 10:57 am - [MEDIA] YunJae and Their Teasing!
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It was funny in my head. I hope it's funny for you guys too!
Please rate and comment if you have time.
For those that can't watch it due to Sony blocking it in your country, I uploaded it on facebook HERE

Or you can just out the 2nd version I did.

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